lar reset

In Analyst Notebook we need to be on the Home tab of the main page - and then

  • Connected Sources (A Button)
    • Under Local Analysis Repository
      • Click Change Schema
      • Accept OK

LAR Language

This needs to be selected - then you can choose the LAR Schema. This language choice will effect the searching.

Note: In Production there is no LAR it is called a GAR - a Group Analysis Repository


On Restart the Lar needs to know the schema...

Navigate to the supplied XML Schema and select.... the LAR will re initialize. The previous reports/imports are still there. It is just that there is no data.

Where does the LAR Live ??

Have a look in c:\Users\\AppData\Local\IBM I2\local Analysis Repository In a folder called Repository


Check the link property (Date/Time)

Then Make sure you only pick data values with Date and Time - send to chart then, select them all -> copy to new chart as timeline.

It should now show as a timeline.

Easy eh ? :) :)