mac mount ntfs for read

I have the following packages installed

  • Fuse
  • brew install ntfs-3g

I plug the ntfs drive in - and it is to mounted.

Unmount Disk

So Step 1 unmount the disk

   sudo diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk2
Unmount of all volumes on disk2 was successful

Create a Mount Point

This only needs to be done once

sudo mkdir /Volumns/NTFS

Manually Mount

Quite a normal mount command

tim@43 ~ $ sudo /usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g /dev/disk2s1 /Volumes/NTFS -olocal -oallow_other

At this poing the disk should be mounts read-write

Dismount Disk

ANy way you normally do that

  • Gui
  • diskutility unmountDisk /dev/disk2