nifi dxspots

I want to try and get to use NIFI, but I am not bothered with Twitter for the moment, instead I want to use a Telnet output called a "Dx Cluster". UNless you are radio Ham, then you probebly do not care about this too much. But it is a telnet protocol.

DX Spots

I can access this via telnet at a host

A username of your ham radio calsign is needed.

Netcat to Port

I tried to simply do the following command

echo "a45wg" | nc 8000

This connects and seems to hang.

So, we now try

echo "a45wg" >> command.txt
mkfifo dummy
cat command.txt dummy | nc 8000

This creates a fifo device called dummy, which as it is empty never completes the cat. Hence the nc link is kept open.

use pv