~ $ brew info neo4j neo4j: stable 2.0.2 /usr/local/Cellar/neo4j/2.0.2 (90 files, 37M) * Built from source From: ==> Caveats Quick-start guide:

  • Start the server manually

    neo4j start
  • Open the neo4j browser

    open http://localhost:7474/browser/
  • Start exploring the REST API

    curl -v http://localhost:7474/db/data/
  • Stop

    neo4j stop

To launch on startup, install launchd-agent to ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ with: neo4j install

If this is an upgrade, see: /usr/local/Cellar/neo4j/2.0.2/libexec/UPGRADE.txt

The manual can be found in: /usr/local/Cellar/neo4j/2.0.2/libexec/doc/

You may need to set JAVA_HOME for Java 7 in your shell profile:

export JAVA_HOME="$(/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.7)"

~ $ neo4j install Legacy install now lives in the 'neo4j-installer' script ~ $ which neo4j-installer ~ $


Initially login to the web page


Username: neo4j
Password: neo4j

And set the password to something new

I now see

 You are connected as user neo4j
to the server bolt://localhost:7687

Python to Neo4j


pip install py2neo4