pi house radio planning

  • Our Land runs a 330 Degrees from the road
  • Mount Arrayat is a bearing of 45 Degrees
    • Distance 6.73 Km

Mount Arrayat

  • Height
    • 1030m ASL
  • House Elevation
    • 15-35m ASL

Angle away from the house is



As the angle here is Opposite (1000) and Adjacent (6700) we need the Inverse Tan or Tan-1 function.

=> 8.4 Degrees

This should not cause any take off angle issues.

Map from Our House

Excellent site:


Location is


  • Lat 15° 9'34.08"N
  • Lon 120°41'45.85"E


  • Lat 15.15946667N
  • Lon 120.69583333E

Maidenhead - PK Ø5 id


This is where the we will be located from.

With the Land overlay

Here we can see the Mt Arrayat with a bearing of 45 Degrees, does not block anything close by. Califormia (45 Degrees) should be workable as we need a take-off angle of 8 degrees.

Usual good copy area

Under 9000 Kms, based on my A4 expierience should be workable most of the time. So what does this looks like

This must indicate that the best Low-Band antenna has to go 330 (direction of the wall from the road), with the back heading to VK/ZL on 150.

With the Land overlay this looks like

Land Dimensions


length 128-150 in Length width 30m