A very nice friend and colleague today walking into the office informing me that the Raspberry PI 2 we had been chatting about had arrived.

I will not bore you with what this is/and why it is a nice coold gadget.... you should already know.

After getting home (doing the weekly shop, coffee @ Costa, unpack ) I was ready for PI-Time.

First task get it bookted.

Ubuntu Core

I went http://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbmc_latest.torrent And pulled down the Ubuntu Core file - it is aprox 700 MB.

As that was downloading on my ultra fast (haha) Internet connection - I started to look for a MicroUSB drive.

The ones I found are not very high speed - but I figured that I would give this a go to start with and then if it works... then I can upgrade the card.

Once the torrent is finished - I need to place the Image onto the Micro USB Drive.

As my Dell Laptop does not have a micro-USB slot I am using a micro/MEDIA Card convertor - I do not see this will cause any issues.

Please make sure you identify the USB card correctly as this next command will really hurt you machine otherwise.

Move Image to Flash drive

Please be VERY careful now.... get the wrong device.... and this will be the end of your OS

sudo dd bs=1M if=pi-snappy.img of=/dev/\<DEVICE>0

When this complets - move the micro USB into your PI- and add Ethernet cable, and power.....

It should auto boot. As I have dhcp running on my network - I can identify the machine from dhcp logs - but you may need to run a nmap command to see what ip address it has been allocated.

Logging in

With the IP address worked out....

ssh ubuntu@x.x.x.x password is also ubuntu

Adding a package

Alas there is no \'\'\'apt-get\'\'\' instead there seems to be something called snappy.

You can get a Web interface sorted with

sudo snappy install webdm