python-3 mirror

An Alternative to using basket

Create new VEnv

Just in case - we will do this in a seperate venv.

I want python-3.4 BUT we will install Python-2.7 Virtual Env.

Check that the local python is 2.7 - mine WAS

cd ~
virtualenv --python=/usr/local/bin/python pymirror 
source ~/pymirror/bin/activate
pip install requests,multiprocessing, minirepo

To run it


The first time it will create a small file in ~/.minirepo you can edit that for your own purposes.

I am only interested in pyton 3.4

PIP Variables

 #save these 2 variable in your profile
$ export PIP_NO_INDEX=true
$ export PIP_FIND_LINKS=/home/user/minirepo