rhel sharedfolders on virtualbox

I have booted up a new RHEL 7.1 machine but the Shared Folders do not mount.

This seems to be the way to sort this out

Packages Needed

  • yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'
  • yum install kernel-devel
  • yum install kernel-headers


Make sure you eject any DVD's and when the machine has rebooted, using the VirtualBox Menu ask to insert the VirtualBox-Additional CD.

  • enter password of root
  • click ok

This now should take a little time (30 secs).

After if has finished ... then reboot

Logback in

Using a root account - you should be able to see the VirtualBox Shared filder now

Non Priv Access

Simply add the user to the virtualBox Group

 usermod -aG vboxsf  tim