rumlogng settings

These are the General setting that I use for my current Ham radio contest software.

To access these settings

  • Create a Contest
  • Contest
    • Contest Window
  • Contest
    • Contest Preferences

CW Settings

For a general "1 up" type contest i.e. an increasing serial number I use

Key Fucntion Text in RumLogNG Used
F1 CQ test de \ \ test Lots
F2 Exchange Msg \\\\\ \ Lots
F3 TU message tu de \ Lots
F4 My call \ Rare
F5 His call \ S&P sometimes
F6 S&P Message \\\\\ \ Medium
F7 nr? nr ? Never

I try and have the Auto CQ set for around 2s - for some reason at the moment however this is not working.

WAE QTC Settings

WAE is a slightly different contest where you get extra point for sending QTCs (Messages).

As I am outside EU I can only send QTCs, hence the Send QTC Option below

You access this menu from

  • Contest Preferences
    • QTC Tab
    • Send QTCs
Key Fucntion Text in RumLogNG
F1 Setup QTC \ \ QRV ?
F2 Repeat \ \ \
F5 End \ de \ \

One thing to note - when you are sending the QTC Series the last sent QTC is the Line above the cursor - not where the cursor is.

I suggest that 2-3 days prior to WAE you setup a test log file - put some call into it and then try this for yourself.

Contest Spots

I can not get this to work in the manner I am happy with - i.e. like the normal logger. Currently work in progress.