Soz is a really excellent Swiss Army knife for Audio manipularion

Convert format

sox audio.wav audio.mp3

Convert for APT Decode

Output file is 11200, 1 channel (channel 1 - Left ?)

sox 201711101427.wav --rate 11200 outfile.l.wav remix 1

Converts the samplerate to 48kHz (nothing special):

sox infile.wav -r 48k outfile.wav

Split the stereo file into two mono files (left and right channel):

sox infile.wav outfile.l.wav remix 1
sox infile.wav outfile.r.wav remix 2

Create a mono mix-down of a stereo file

sox infile.wav outfile.wav remix 1,2
sox  infile.wav outfile.wav remix 1-2

Converts a wav file to a raw 16-bit signed integer mono file with 48kHz:

sox infile.wav -b 16 -s -c 1 -r 48k -t raw outfile.raw

Converts a raw file back to WAV (option -t raw is mandatory!):

sox -b 16 -s -c 1 -r 48k -t raw infile.wav outfile.wav

Merges the two mono files into one stereo WAV file (order: left, right):

sox -M input.l.wav input.r.wav output.wav

Converts the 48kHz back to 44.1kHz:

sox input.wav -r 44100 output.wav

Read audio signal attributes like overall gain, mean values etc. from audio files and use them afterward e. g. for normalization, dc-offset compensation, etc.

sox audiofile.wav -n stat