spid notes

When recaliberating it... the easiest way is this.

  • Point in Manually to South
  • Power off the Controller
  • Power on rthe Controller whilst holding the F button at the same time.

Now power on.

Press the S Button until you get to a screen which says

P 0

Use the Arrow keys and make this


(You are telling the controller that we are starting from pointing South, i.e. 180)

Press the S button until you pass the P5 -X symbol - you now adjust the true heading using the <> keys

As we started by setting the Antenna to South this figure should be 180 already.
  • when you get to the value you want. Press S and then Press F.

TO Work with my Python Code

Press the F button until the Display reads

 "A. <xxx>"

Altering the heading a little.

Press loko for the flashing Heading then adjust using the keys,