Washington D.C. 2016

Day 1

Despite being dog tired we were both awake at 0100 - I did however manage to go back to sleep - but Juliet in anticipation of seeing the Washington sites for some strange reason got up and did her hair, ironed a dress - so when I opened my eyes again at around 0500 - she was fully suited-and-booted. I fear my "you look nice" was not said with the enthuiasm she was anticipating.

We left the hotel at about 0630 - and headed to see some of Washingtons sights.

It was a lovely morning - and some 3 hours later we returned to the hotel for a breat breakfast.

With the White house literally 5 minute walk down the street, this was out first point of call. Quite amazingly it was empty - Juliet and me plus about 20 Secret service people. They were amazingly sociable saying good morning.

"The White House"

Alas the barriers around the White house make taking photos there a little disappointing. So we headed around the Eclipse.

"The White House Lawn"

Whilst there are many parks - the main users of them seems to be poor homeless people - this photo is less than 500m away from the White House.

"Homeless everywhere"

Next we went to the very impressive World War 2 memorial (I never realized the USA was involved in the India campaigns).

"Fountain and Needle""Juliet hold Mr Lincon"

All the days photos

There are more images available at

"Day 1 in dc"

We hope to find time soon to return as we would like to explore the area around the Lincon memorial more.