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Welcome to our Wedding in the Seychelles page.

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If not - please see why and how we chose the Seychelles.

Why choose the Seychelles ?

A few months ago Juliet grasciously agreed to marry me, but the question of where, when and who to invite meant that we could not progress with these plans. After some research I managed to find that the Seychelles was a place with a can do attitude.

The British Embassy in Oman is a pain when it comes to these things, despite forever saying "we are here for you", go and ask them for something, and they start back pedelling. Likewise the Filipino Embassy in the UAE only marries Filipino's - despite this sounding rather racist - I do not live in the UAE - only Juliet does.... so they Seychelles got the vote.


You would think that arranging a wedding 4,000 kms away from where you live would be difficult - but nothing could be further from the truth,