2017 Oct UK

Flying Visit

Having gone to bed the day earlier at 20:00 !! 02:00 still felt as thought it was in the middle of the night. I again seemed to have a traffic violation, but the police were unable to say where or when (I just treat this as some type of a travel tax).

The flight from Muscat to Dubai was painless (except for the time of the day) - and after a short wait we boarded the A380 to London.

the flight on the A380 was very good, and despite a very loaded plane we had space to move around. The inflight meals and entertainment were what we have come to expect of Emirates over the years - a nice way to arrive.

UK Immigration

For a British person UK Immigration has never been an issue - but for people who have already had to endure the rigors (and considerable expense) of applying and being granted a UK Visa - there is the Queue.

I waved good-bye to Dora at the UK/EU Left and ALL OTHERS (here be Dragons) Right sign, to literaly walk through the autometed immigration process.

I have never used my Bioetric UK Passport before - and it was excellent expierience.

Downstairs to the baggage hall and within 7 mins I had all the luggage, next issue would be - when will Dora arrive.

In fact it took her less than 20 minutes to get through the queue.

Heathrow - full marks today. I hope everyone's expierience is as painless as our was.

Hire Car and away

We have chosen to use a hire call for the 2 days we are here - as it was cheaper than the Heathrow to Sailsbury taxi fare (£120).

With Mr Hertz also being quick and painless - we were soon heading M25 South, to M3 to A303.

Despite our overnight stop being just a little south of Sailsbury, we kept on past the Sailsbury exit, past Andover until we saw the signs for The Stones - yes, Off to see a World Heritage site called Stonehenge.


The new Stonehenge visitors centre is a long long way away from the Stones. In fact you can not even see them. There is however a nifty Bus service - you can walk the 2 miles if you want, but most people do not like this concept - and with a cold grey sky, threatening signs of rain - we did not like this idea much either. Of course this means you need to pay the National Trust;


Dora, showing slight signs of excitement prior to boarding the bus to take us to the Stones.


Dora, enjoying the very fresh air that was blowing in from the South-West. Wait a few more minutes and it would be rain.


Despite it being early Oct, and in the middle of the week, it was still very busy. With lots of EU cars stopping.

The ticket office informed me that in summer they peak at 15,000 visitors per day! Not sure that would be just as enjoyable expierience.


Not sure who this is :) ... Trying not to look cold.


The massive stones at the centre of the ring. Quite amazing to wonder how (and why) this was accomplished over 3,000 years ago.


Now fully acclimitised to the UK weather, Dora seems to be back into her stride. It was nice that the weather was "fresh", the clean crisp air made a pleasant change from the hot, dusty atmosphere were are more accustomed too.



There are some more photos including these in the gallery.