Anilou diving

After a very long break of more than 15 months, we are back in the water. Having just attended a very memorable wedding in Manila where Juliet and I were honoured to be 'Ninog' and 'Ninang' (Godfather + Godmother) - but it is a wedding ok. Ok things are sometimes different than back at home - but that's ok - the day was a splendid success, with the Bride and Groom looking very happy and relaxed.

After civic duty #1 accomplished, we decided that a reward of some quality "us" time was in order - and as Juliet's sister and husband are over from the US; We picked a spot we have already been to - in the hope it would be magical again.


Anilou is one of the best places in the world for quality, relaxed and easy access diving. It is especially well know in the macro-photography world for the wide range of simply weird critters that generally crawl around the coral reefs here.

Despite a rather muddled start to the day - we enjoyed a fine lunch before Dora and myself headed underwater.

Dive 1

A basic check out dive - nothing too stressful. We again seem to have an issue with keeping Dora underwater - I had packed a spare weight so we did not have to come back to shore.

Once all our ears were clear - we headed out into the Aquarium - spectacular as ever, and then proceeded down the reef and out to sea. Whilst there was nothing outstanding - the fish, coral and general quality was as good as the last time (well done the Marine Sanctuary)

Max Depth 22.5M dive time 42 mins.

Here is the Video for this dive

Dive 2

As we were not too "loaded" with N2 after the first dive - we warmed ourselves with a coffee and a fresh banana fritter. The objective this time was again to get a little depth - but also to try and find the giant clams. It makes a change knowing that your target is immobile - the only issue now is the underwater navigation !!

We were successful in finding the clams and achieving our depth. Dora seemed to be breathing more heavily than normal - maybe a combination of the cold (25C) and the shock of two dives in under 3 hours.

Here is the Video for this dive

Enter the Snorkellers

Jocelyn Lamship who along with her husband Remmy were also on the small island, and with our backup GoPro - Jocelyn tried her hand at underwater video. The results are quite stunning.

Here is the Video for this dive

The following day Jocelyn also took some video - which is equally impressive.

Here is the Video for this dive

Final Dives

With over 7 dives in 2 days - we feel like we had convered most of the attractions of the Dive n Trek shore dive sites. Alas our time on the island was curtailed by our presence being required back in Manila - where we attended our 2nd Wedding of the trip.

Here is the Video for this dive