Bishops Rock

Bishops Rock

Despite turning our watches back 1 hour prior to retiring, we awoke to a slight degree of "where are we ?". Our almost soundless cabin was totally dark, and yet a slight 'pitch and roll' could be felt.

As we opened the curtains - where we were greeted by a very green expanse, on the very horizon we could see 2 flashes from a lighthouse. Which due to the most informative notes in the daily paper, indicated that we are about to pass the Bishops Rock lighthouse.

This (I have very recently understood) is the traditional starting point (from a nautical point of view) of the Atlantic crossing. So - we have begun.

Daily planning

The ship produces a newspaper which is delivered to your stateroom (cabin) in the evening. The main current dilemmas are

  • Should we go to the buffet restaurant to be on time for some possible fencing lessons ?
  • Where do we get tickets for the Planetarium ?
  • Ballroom dancing lessons are as 12:00 does this effect our lunch options ?
  • This evenings "Black and White" Ball - what will it be like ?

To say that there are a wide range of things to do - would be a massive understatement.

Deck Walk

Ships log: 0730 - at the eastern edge of the north Atlantic.

This is the view from our balcony.


Dora and I went for several laps of the deck. 3 Laps is 1 mile - I think we just about managed that. The ship was pitching quite heavily at times, the feeling not surprisingly was most noticeable at the bow & stern.

We managed to see several large pods of Dolphins which was lovely. They raced towards the ship, no doubt intending to play at the bow.


Ships log: 0800.

As we had already got things planned for the morning - we chose to eat in the self service restaurant. Very nice selection of food - self-service. A pleasant way to start the day.

Dora looking rather wind battered.


Fencing Classes

Ships log: 0900. Queens Ballroom.

I used to fence (as in sword not farmers field) at school and for my University , but all of this was a very long time ago. So I was very keen to have a refresher set of classes.

The first logistical challenge was finding my way to the Queens Ballroom. This took a little longer than planned, but I was there to see the conclusion of the Palates class.

Classes are limited to 12 people, and Roger our instructor soon has us warmed up, and advancing and retreating in that special fencing manner.

Wow - I had forgotten how physically tiring this all was. Myself and a few other people were soon quite red faced and huffing and puffing.

The class in total lasted for 50 minutes, and I am planning to be back tomorrow morning for session 2.

Maritime Lecture

10:10 !!

A quick shower, and we attended a maritime liner lecture. Alas I needed some liquids - so we cut this a little short.

Coffee time


With plenty of lovely restaurants and coffee shops around the ship we took a mini break.


Ballroom Dancing lessons

12:15 Yes, the title is correct. In the ball-room, the on-board professional dancing couple give group lessons once a day. There must have been 100 people for todays lesson - The Cha-Cha-Cha

Dora survived without needing hospital treatment, just how much we may remember for this evening is anyone's guess.



Oh - yes this ship has the worlds only floating planetarium.


It was a nice show - nothing too difficult to grasp, and a pleasant rest.



Rather wearily, we tucked into a delicious 3 course meal. Again the choices of restaurants is very wide ranging.

I will stop the micro-blog on the day, there is literally something going on on-board for 18 hours a day.

Outfit of the day

As this evening was the first formal event, we were more dressed up than usual.



Yours truly, all dressed up.


Dora looking glamorous.



Dora planning some retail therapy !


There are some more photos including these in the gallery.