Colourful Hong Kong

Colourful Hong kong

With the weekend in full swing, are our search for accommodation continuing; We headed out to Kowloom to see some apartments that promised reasonable (HK reasonable means $$$ everywhere else) rent, and a sea view.

Test Commute

Before going to look at a new area, we head to my office - which is in Central - so HSBC/Bank of China area, and then start commuting to the new area. It gives us a sense of effort, which Google Map does not express very well in terms of steps, overpasses etc.

Dora as always dresses for the occasion .... and today she was looking like this


There is a small park near our accommodation - as and I was waiting for the bus .... well it seemed a shame not too.


Off towards Central

The route to Central looks a little like this


Nice and quite this morning.

But as we get close to Central the traffic soon builds up.

Can anyone identify the black car in front of the bus ? I am assuming the dual number plates are for cars that regularly cross the border. Not sure why this is necessary but on the luxury cars (which abound here) it is quite common.


Did you guess Bentley ? If not - do not worry there is another car identity question later.

Flying Ball Company

After seeing 2 apartments both of which I could not lie down in the master bedroom - max length wall to wall of 185 cm !! - I needed cheering up; Actually the agent was laughing so much, no-one was really that upset; Ourselves included.

I am still exploring the idea of trying to cycle here - Not to commute - but maybe in the early mornings at the weekend.

The quest of a cycle - took us the the aptly named - yet remarkably famous Flying Ball Company. What an excellent shop - bikes for everyone - even me !! With prices from Ok - to Ouch that's expensive.

As we pottered around the area we looked at some of the various buildings


Yes, you read that correct. Why here in Hong Kong they use bamboo I do not know, but they use it everywhere and it looks really secure.

This is what a rather oldish building looks from the outside - I've made it B&W to emphasize its blandness.


But not all buildings here are like this ...


Yep Dora was here also :)


A small scaffolding job.

And some colourful street scenes.


And what sports car was being fixed ?

If your answer was Lotus - congrats.