Dora goes Mountain walking

Dora does Mountain Walking.

With some Sun !! and no wind, we took the opportunity to get out and about and go and explore the North Yorkshire Moors - which lie aprox 4 kms south from my parents village.

Dora was happy to try something new - not fully realising how cold and much hard work this would be. I also forgot how much mud we would possible have to walk through.


Up up and more up !

The walk up to the summit is quite hardwork - But the fresh air and the wind provided much needed at times encouragement.


Grand Views

At the top we were treated to wonderful views -stretching across to Captain Cook's Monument to the industrial development in Teeside.


The Wainstones

A local feature - these rather strange rock outcrops attract walkers, climbers as well as photographers.

There always seems to be something new when you visit this place - which for me was over 30 years ago.


If you go down to the woods today ....

The way back to the car - was supposed to be easy - quick and better than staying up on the top of the hills. Err.... instead is rather became mud infested obstacle course. Apologies


View towards Hemsley

As we neared the end of the walk, there was a very pleasant view looking towards Helsley/York. The sun was rapidly becoming weaker and the wind rising - so we were glad to have had a Walk in the Woods. fn