Grand Banks

General location

We have continued to steam on the great-circle route, having crossed the Grand-Banks aprox 18 hours ago. We are currently proceeding down the coast of Canada. The Great-Circle route has now been replaced with a more direct "plumb-line" course.

The past 2 days has seen some very varied weather indeed - from calm and peaceful (presently) to gale force 9 winds - mercifully the sea state did not get more than force 5.


It seems hardly possible to complete an Atlantic crossing without your mind wondering about the terrible tragedy of the Titanic. You may think that Cunard would not try and draw people's attention to it (Airlines never show movies where a plane crashes) - but on our access deck - there is a very large display regarding the Titanic and the Corinthian.

At midnight yesterday - we passed 200 miles North of where the Titanic lies. We quietly raised our glasses - at the appropriate time.

The weather has generally been rather solemn, with dark clouds looming on the horizon.


Life on Board

We have rather quietened down regarding - all the things to do - as it was simply becoming a little too busy. And the 'holiday - what holiday ?' conversation was starting to pick up.

We have continued with the Ballroom Dancing lessons although the Quick-Step yesterday simply confused the living daylights out of us. I think today it is "The Jive" ... so we shall see how that goes.

20's night

This evening is the last formal ball of the cruise - the "Roarding 20's". It will be interesting to see who gets dressed up in what. Some people really make a super effort - others less so, and possibly about 20% of the passengers make no-effort at all, in fact by not dressing up they are excluded from 80% of the public areas after 18:00.

Upper Decks

Dora was off exploring the other day.


Nautical themes abound on-board, not really surprising.


This was us last night for an "informal evening"!! - We were by no means the most over dressed - this is quite the norm on-board.


Dora ready to party....


Trying to remember the dance steps ....