Grand Canyon Rafting

After a rather poor evenings sleep, we arose at 0600 to a terrible breakfast, and sent off to Colorado River Rafting in the centre of Page.

Having paid and signed up the previous afternoon, we only had to sign the "dis-claimer" which was quite painless really.

On the bus

To get to the river, we all headed out in a school bus - which was driven by a very jolly sole - who told us some funny yarns. On approaching the Dam, we were met by some homeland secuity guard who decided we could enter the dam. This involved a 2 mile drive through a tunnel so we could reach the river level !!

After putting on safety hats and walking down a gang-plank and removing the safety hats - we were finally on the double tubed rafts.

At this point I think it is time for pics.

About 30 feet shorted than the Hoozer dam - just try and not imagine the 500 feet of water on the other side.



Here you can see an arch starting to form. In fact there were lots of examples like this - this one just happened to be 300 feet high !!




There are some rock carvings that were made by the local people aprox 1,000-1,500 years ago.


The rugged rafters


Stunning scenary


One sad note

We had to say good-bye to Jocelyne and Ramey - as we headed north to Salt-Lake City whilst they return to Las Vegas.

Many thanks for the amazing hospitality - we look forward to the next time.

There are more photos available here