HK around town

Home shopping in Hong kong

With the apartment rental all sorted out, we have been actively looking for furniture (yes that means Ikea) as well as some other bits and pieces.

Last week's recce to the much maligned IKEA in Causeway bay, resulted in a shopping list. Which today we got turned into an order.

However before that we took some time to look at the street paintings that surround my work bus route; Yes I do go to work on a double decker bus every morning. It is quite pleasant to tell the truth.

Street Murals


When I worked in Saudi with the Navy, I would always hear this expression "Honkers" I think it is a funny wall. Not as popular as some of the others.... no accounting for taste I suppose.


Gargoyles - HK Style

Not sure what these fierce looking guys are supposed to do, thought it was a little sad - they had to be chained together.


No Idea ...

Not sure if this is a carton/game or some other character I do not recognize. Answers on a post card please....


How does this tree hang on ?


Some much more popular Murals

Usually there are lots of people standing around these walls, but we were a little ahead of the crowds this morning.


Blackpool trams ? Err no

There are still trams - and if you are not in a hurry - they are a very cheap way of moving around through the centre of town. Some have A/C in the now I have been told, but this morning we sad on the top, with the windows down - it was very pleasant indeed.


This building reminded me of the 'triangulum' in New York ... maybe just not as pointed. Try and ignore the McDonalds sign ... alas they are everywhere here also.


The Local park

There is a really nice small park just by our current apartment, and as we are just moving over the road (sort of) - this will be next to our new apartment also.


Juliet looking with a degree of humor at the turtles, we all appear to be begging for food, despite signs of "Do not feed (or add more turtles)". There is a shop close by that sells them live, I am wondering if this is somehow connected ... ha ha


Our new apartment

Somewhere up there on the 25th floor - is our new apartment.