Kennedy Bus


We had a busy day planned today, I wanted to accomplish the following

- Ham Radio Shop
- Buy some Electronics
- Go see realtor
- View Properties
- Relax

Alas as we were standing for the Bus, both of our mobile phones developed that horrible 21st century disease - NO INTERNET.

This is what the area looks like.


Find CSL

We then played the "can you remember where the CSL shop is".

5 mins on a Tram later, and then after asking we pretty much walked back to where we had started !! Laugh ? I almost cried....


A very pleasant man - showed us the hidden menu on the CSL Web page - so we could activate the data..... And we were cured.

Alas the timescale was rather compromised.

Bus time

I really like the bus in Hong Kong - they drive like racing drivers. Do not ever thing of moving around without having a firm grip of the hand rail here.

Dora - was ready for the day ahead....


In full exploring mode as you can see.