Last day in DC

Sadly our trip here is just about over - and we needed to do something during the day - before our 2100 flight back to Oman via Qatar.

As we could not get an extension to the room - hotels seems crazily busy and expensive at the moment in DC; We planned a quiet day - with no need for showering prior to the flight.

Boat trip

The river winds through DC and there are plenty of trips avaiable from next door to the Watergate building, in an area called Washington harbour.


Lincon memorial and the Washington Monument.


The main East coast railway bridge.


The type of boat that we were on.


Police !!

The USA seems to have lots of different police forces, we have seen

  • Secret Service (sorry no photos they are secret apart from the writing on their car,bike, vest,badge etc)
  • Municipal Police
  • Park Police
  • National Park Police
  • Navy Police
  • Highway Patrol
  • State Police

The list just goes on... anyway this bike is from the elite Washington State Park Police Service. No idea what they do ... break up squirrel fights ? The other Harley looked like it had been dropped a few times (it wasn't me honest).



After an excellent lunch down by the waterfront - we headed back to the National Zoo - to try and see some of the animals that we had missed the first time.





The Lions were being very lazy - partly probably becuase of the heat (and because even wild they are rather lazy until hungry).



South american - with the most amazingly long legs - that looked very much out of proportion.



The USA has been really fun, and we have both had a lovely time - seeing friends and family, as well as the many thinks that this amazing place has to offer.

In the words of Gen MacArthur "we shall return"...

More Photos

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