Off to France

Bye Bye Switzerland

After a fantastic 5 days in Switzerland we loaded up the bags and said our rather sad farewells to my family, and boarded the clean, on-time Swiss train service. After changing to another clean Deutch Bahn Intercity train we arrived in Basel - where we went through the "French" gate - and waited for a Alsace local train from Basel to Mulhouse (pronounced in French moule-ouse - but much funnier said in English as Mull-House) - The train was 25 minutes late. No problem.. we just waited around - on a platform covered in cigarette butts, our train looked like a group of English football fans had just had a party in it !!! Oh dear - France was looking rough - despite we were still standing in the French railway sataion in Basel.

Mull House

Arriving in the station where you expect to collect a fast TGV train you are hoping for a high tech place - like Euro-Star in London (note not Brussels) but it has a very laid back feel to it.

As there seemed to be at least 3 MullHouse stations we checked to make sure that Mullhouse-Ville was the correct one (and it was) - so set off for some lunch.

The meal was pleasant - and my old fondness with France started to return.

TGV Time

THe TGV arrived exactly on time - and left exactly on time. I am writing this from the 1st Class carriage at the rear of this speeding bullet. There is a screen on the bulkhead telling you where we are in the journey - and what speed we are doing.


I will not bore you with the fastest speed - but as you insist .... I have seen 320 Kph ...

This is what the view out of the windows looks like


The TGV carriage is a double decker - we are downstairs - which is a little bit of a shame - but there are only 50 seats. It is like a small coach. The seats are a cross between Business Class on a plane and a economy seat. I have a power socket for the laptop - window blinds, directable Air, Light, reclinable seat - it is very pleasant indeed.

I would not say this is a quiet train - the wind noise above 250 kph is quite loud - But who cares - this train rocks....