Red Arrows 2016

Welcome back the Red Arrows

It had been 3 years since the Red Arrows were last in Oman, and there was definatly a buzz around the Shatti beach area as we approached the centre of the Air Display.

Rather fearing a large traffic jam at the end of the show, we chose to walk about 10 minutes to our meeting point with Mike & Wendy.

After moving down to the sea front, I met some other long time residents who I had not seen in literally in years.


The weather seemed very usualy for November, instead of clear bright skies, it was quite poor visibility not due to sand or cloud, but due to the very opressive humidity.

Some of the ground crew mingled wigh the crowd handing out posters and little flags to (mainly) yound children.


The beach was pretty crowded by the time the display was due to start.


At 15:00 we crowd watched and waited, but nothing - in fact the Red Arrows did not arrive for about another 5 minutes; I was beginning to wonder if the poor visibility was not a factor in this delay - but with very little warning or their arroach - the show had begun.

For the next 35 minutes the crowd went Ohh and Ahhh, as the display team put on a very impressive show.

The Pictures


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