Southampton bound

Very sadly we said goodbye to our friends from Salisbury, and started the short journey to Southampton, via the New Forest.

We managed to get some glimpses of the area - seeing plenty of horses, donkeys and cows in the process.

We returned the hire car, only to find a surprise chip in the screen... which of course would cost me £££ - Never mind - it was still cheaper than the two taxi rides would have been (only just).

Taxi to the Docks

We got a very zippy taxi driver - yet it still took over 25 mins to get to the Dock area.

Boarding the ship

The taxi dropped us in a rather clean shed !! A large shed with lots of Union Jacks hanging from the rafters. We wheeled our bags to a drop off area and then stood in a line for approx 30 mins.

There were at least 30 check in staff - but they needed to see (and to verify) all the paperwork - even having a US Visa (Or ESTA) - seems to require other people to confirm it.

After what seemed like a very long check-in process - we were issued 2 ship ID cards, and we carried on forwards.

We soon descended from deck 7 to deck 5 - and entered our stateroom.

The Stateroom


Dora looking happy we finally made it on-board.


A small welcome present.


Me checking that the bed meets our requirements !


Settling in

After squaring away the cabin, we went out on deck for a wander, to see the sights, as we will not see any land for 6 days once we get fully out to sea.



Checking the sun-loungers meet our requirements - it's all go !!


Dora looking relaxed just prior to sailing.



Outfit of the Day - day 1


myself - a formal evening dress.



There are some more photos including these in the gallery.