Statten Island Ferry

Nearly finished shopping

Despite a very successful day yesterday, Dora did feel as though a few things had escaped her, I was able to find another outlet-mall this time near Newark airport.

Despite it being a little smaller than the previous mall, we noted it was owned by the same company, and there were not the 1000's of Chinese tourists that we had seen in Woodbury. In fact most people here seemed to be from the US.

With a quota put onto two shops, Nike and Kate Spade (sounds like a gardening shop but apparently it is a NY hand bag shop. You live and learn....) Dora got on with the shopping business, and we all had a good time.

With the shopping sorted, and quite a decent lunch. We headed over the very impressive bridges that surround the New Jersey area to Staten Island.

Stopping at the way at another ham radio type shop, as a ham friend of mine needed a few "bits".

Staten Island

After crossing a mighty bridge, we soon entered quite a sedate and relaxed set of towns, all intermixed. We made our way to the Ferry terminal, where a short detour for a cash resupply was needed. We have noticed that we seem to like using cash whereas everyone else is using a card.

With cash in pocket (humming the song), we paid a small $2 parking fee, and left the car for 2 hours. Within 5 minutes we were at the ferry terminal.

So for a Saturday afternoon - it was really busy.


But - if you removed all the people with large cameras it would have been very quiet indeed.

The doors opened and it was like the last day of school, everyone trying to get out of the building.


Compared to the White Ferries in Hong Kong, this was Jumbo/Mega/Super or whatever accolade McDonald currently places in it's ads - Simple seating, 90% inside, but all the tourists were outside (and some locals as it was a lovely day).


We had previously seen the same picture at 04:45 standing in the cold on deck 12 of the QM2, it seemed a little strange to be on a small ferry.


As we passed where we had docked, there was another Cruise ship docked - we turned our noses up at it, as it was not a Cunard liner - I mean standards must be maintained. Most of the other passengers were taking photos of the cruise ship - which was obviously what would would have normally have done.



On the first crossing we were facing the non statue of liberty side. This was the quiet and peaceful side.


As we docked in Manhattan, we disembarked, turned 180 degrees and almost immediately boarded the same ferry again - this time on the statue of liberty side.

Boats and things

There was lots to see - small yachts who had heaved too, a nice schooner with guests going for a tour. The 000's of tourists who were on Ellis Island, and in the background the majestic grandeur of New York's skyline.




There are some more photos including these in the gallery.