Subic Bay Wreck Diving

Subic Bay

After some slight delays due to airplane tickets, Juliet and I eventually set off for Subic - this was my first ever time driving in the PI, I was quite surprised how pleasant the experience was !! Despite it looking like chaos on the roads, it is slow speed chaos - unlike Oman!!.

As we pulled into Olongopo - one of the biggest dive shops Arizona Dive Shop was still open, so in the hope that they could supply a replacement dive computer we stopped.

Arizona Dive Shop

The dive shop is Australian owned, and also has UK and PI dive staff. James one of the resident instructors agreed with my requirements that a Zoop was pretty much what I needed. However they had none in stock !! With the promise that the computer would be here in the morning - we went ahead.

Arizona had impressed me, so instead of going to my usual dive shop (Johans) we chose to try diving with Arizona in the morning.


Subic bay - offers lots of opportunities for wreck diving enthusiasts. With depths ranging from 10-60+ meters.

Beer Barrels !

This was a new "wreck" for me - close to Grande Island. In a depth of 30m - it was described as looking like a bridge, with a bend in it, inside the structure are many large cylinders. Hence it's nickname of "Beer Barrels".

To get better bottom time, and less Deco - we used a typical Nitrox blend 32%.

The wreck is really some form of structure - somewhat similar in size of that of a Bailey Bridge. However the shape has a definite curve in it. The Cylinders appear to be large approx 6m long and approx 2m in diameter. I think in total there are 13 of them.

So what is it ? On hearing that there may be another one close by, and I already know that there are some barges close to this, I personally suspect it is some small Dry Dock, or submarine support structure. Which would have been connected for material access using a line of barges.

Go and have a look for yourself ! and form your own opinion.

Here is the Video for this dive

Arizona Diving

I found them to be a very good and well setup dive organisation. With some very knowledgeable and experienced staff. I shall return to continue diving with them in the hopefully near future.