Whitby for a birthday treat

With my dad not being just 100%, we combined a treat for him with a trip for me and Juliet - and headed off to the coast, to the well known town of Whitby.

Whitby has lots of attractions

  • Abbey
  • Sea side
  • Surrounding countryside
  • Dracula (Uk Landing point, in some books)
  • Fish 'n Chips

Those planning on their first visit should be aware that the local seagull population are food stealing specalists. No please do not feed the seagulls.


Easy to get to - go to Whitby and walk North on the beach. When then sand stops, you have reached the village of SandsEnd - I suspect it was some local joke name at one point, the joke name rather stuck.

Very pretty - but seriously cold with the North Sea breeze coming gently ashore. There were people in the water Surfing, and Paddle Boarding !!


1920's Shelter

Perched on the cliff tops overlooking the harbour entrance, is a wonderful Victorian style wind break - which in the mornings sun-light looked simply wonderful.


The famout Whale Bone is aprox 200m south of this point.


View south looking down to the narror harbour entrance.

A working port

It sometimes difficult to remmeber that Whitby still is a working port - and whilst I am sure it is nothing comapred to the fishing industry that once existed here - there still are quite a few boats that are based from the town.


A walk to the end of the pier

The piers in Whitby have great pedestrian access, until the final 1/3rd - and then as you have to walk along planks people who need to use a walking stick I think would have a difficulties.


Here we saw a small crabber head out to check their pots.


Dora the Whitby explorer

In case you are wondering where she is .... yes she was there.