Wupatki Pueblo and Big Bend, Az

Bye bye Sedona


After a very comfertable night at the Sky-Ranch in Sedona, we headed towards the Wupatki Pueblo.

The trip plan was trip

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Volcano Ridge

On entering the scenic road heading towards the Pueblo, we paid the State park entry fee of $20, and we moved on a very pretty road. We spotted some pastures and stopped to see the wonderful views.


The volcano first (and so far) the last erupted 1,000 years ago, and covered the whole area not only with pumace - but left a very impressive lava flow field.

Lava Flow Field

The US park service had placed a small trail through some very sharp and ragged rock fields. Amazingly the rocks abounded with small lizards - the plant life was struggling to make any inroads - but here and there a tree of bush had succeeded in prospering.


The Puebloes

We visited 2 ancient (circa 1100 A.D.) buildings, and they were both very intersting. The sites were in rather strange locations - it made it difficult to understand as to why they were built in such places.


Whilst the buildings were not fancy, it was remarkable that they were built at all as most of the Native american Indians were nomadic.


Navaho Country

As we left central Arizona behind we entered the lands of the Navaho Nation. Native American housing settlements are dotted around the landscape - seemingly identifiable due to Jewelry and Pottery shops - plus exceedingly large Pick-up trucks.

We were heading to Page, Az - just next to Lake Meade - where hopefully tomorrow morning we will be going rafting down the Colorado/Grand Canyon.

However - before we got to Page - there was one "must see" location - Big-Bend

Big Bend

The GPS in the car showed clearly the bend ahead, and I remarked to Juliet that we should be able to see this soon - but no signs. In fact the Town (City?) of Page was looming into life on the horizon.

The first indication as to you are there - are the scores of people walking up a smallish hill. Very quickly you have a "Big Bend Parking" sign - and you have arrived.


The weather when we were there was warm - about 35c (which is quite Ok for Oman) - but here in the US there were extreme weather signs - stern warnings of what would happen if you proceeded without liquids etc.

So Dora the Explora aka Juliet got her new Rucksack sorted out and we headed to the "small hill" - which after a few minutes had us huffing and puffing.

A short walk along the top - to where there is a rest house - and we assumed we were there. But no - we now had a long and gradual descent.

A word of warning - in a country that has 15 mph speed limits outside schools, which forbids innocent people seeing alcohol being poured and restricts the sale of Wine - it does not seem to feel that a 500 ft drop is anything to worry about.

There are no fences/warnings at all here. Well done America.


Quiet ?

In case you think Big-Bend is going to be a quiet and peaceful place.... 60% were chinese when we were here.



There are some more photos here

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